Get the Best Reading Experience With Us

Publish in paperback and eBooks formats.

Publishing in Paperback and eBook

Your book is unique. Let us make it available in paperback and eBook formats, so all your readers can enjoy it no matter what device they use to read.

Format Your Paperback

Our production experts will handle the formatting of your manuscript and cover file, executing the steps mentioned in our paperback guidelines.


Formatting it to standard print book sizes and providing a PDF file to the printer.

Make Your eBook Look Good

eBook formatting turns your eBook’s text and images into an attractive layout for readers to enjoy.

Manuscript Quality Conversion

We turn your documents into perfectly formatted eBooks in the most demanded eBook formats including epub, Mobi and Kindle

Get Your Manuscript Professionally Formatted

You’ve written a book. Now, enjoy your peace of mind knowing it will be formatted professionally and delivered in the correct e-book format and print quality.

Get Your Digits

We will make sure your book has a unique ISBN and you’re set for life.

Publish your Book Across Formats for Easy Reading and Accessibility

Get the best reading experience, choose from a variety of formats. Give readers what they really want; a full, completed book


Completed manuscripts are edited, grammatically, stylistically and logically for a finished manuscript.


The manuscript is formatted for paperback publication. Formatting in terms of font, size, and page layout.


Providing a .txt file to the printer and formatting it to conventional print book sizes.

eBook Formatting

The manuscript is also formatted for eBook platforms like Kindle, Google books and more for accessible and better reading experiences.

eBook Conversion

The formatted eBooks are converted to retailable formats like Epub, mobi, Kindle format and more.

eBook Distribution

The eBooks are then distributed globally to retailers like Amazon Kindle, Google Books and more.

Get Started, Get Published

Increase your book’s visibility in various formats; more formats means more reviews, which equals more sales.

Worldwide distribution
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