Book Marketing and Distribution

Get your book out there

A team of publishing experts helps you get your book into more hands.

Social Media Campaigns

Content strategy for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube to grow your book sales.

Blog Writing

Connect with blogs with a similar demographic to yours to get your book in front of the correct audience.

Audio and Video

Podcast audio and video content to grow readership on your book.

Book Trailer

A summary that is brief and appealing, but does not reveal any major narrative threads in your story’s development.

Repurposing Content

Get more exposure to your book

Turn your published book into a marketing machine.

Create multiple content pieces from your published book in different formats to expand and grow your reach.

Book Distribution

Helping Authors Distribute Books Worldwide

Get your books to Amazon, Amazon KDP, Apple, Barnes & Noble and more

We distribute your book to several of the world’s largest e-tailers and distributors.

Get Your Book Discovered

How to Make Your Book Sell Online


We’ll help you create a great cover for your book and get the right people to notice it.


We make it easy to put your book into paperback and eBook formats, so readers can enjoy it no matter what device they use to read.


Get your book noticed, make more sales and build a strong readers base using social media.


We distribute your book to major e-tailers and distributors across the globe!

Reach Your Readers

Your books will be listed on the world’s largest e-tailers and distributed globally through our global network of retailers, reaching your readers everywhere.

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