Need Help in Writing Your Book?

If you have a story to tell, we have the words. Get help to plan, collate, compile, and put your thoughts on paper… all the way to a beautifully published book!

Every Author’s Best Friend

Author Assist by LexiConn offers the most comprehensive services for authors as well as aspiring authors.

Let's Plan your Book Writing Journey

A book can take you places. So plan this adventure with a team that has been there, done that.

A Team that is Fully Invested in Your Book. Just Like You.

Our Book Coaches, Editors, and Project Managers work closely with you to plan every stage, to co-create a book you deeply desire.

Publishing Experience
Editorial Acumen
Process Maturity

Explore Author Assist

If you have a story that needs to be told, we can lend you the right words. We can assist you along the path to getting it published, and getting it noticed!

1. Book Planning

A Book Coach helps you transform your ideas into a structure and a rough ToC.

2. Writing and Editing

Our Ghostwriting Services help you make your manuscript publishing-ready. 

3. Book Design

Stunning book cover designs, and fitting typesetting to maximize ease of reading. 

4. Book Publishing

We help you publish your book in various contemporary digital and print formats.

5. Marketing and Distribution

Last mile services to help your book garner the love it deserves.

6. Content Re-pursposing

Adapting the written word for various other formats, mediums and platforms!

The Author Assist Advantage

We start at the top and help you plan the flow, structure and treatment of your book. We lead with proven publishing ideas so that you can focus on giving life to your story and stay true to your creative vision!



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