Need Help In Writing Your Book?

If you have a story to tell, we have the words. Get help to plan, collate, compile, and put your thoughts on paper… all the way to a beautiful published book!

LexiConn is every Author’s Best Friend

We offer you the most comprehensive set of services for authors, aspiring authors, and the uninitiated.

Plan your Book Writing journey with us

A book can take you places. So plan this adventure with a team that has been there, done that.

A Team That Is Fully Invested In Your Book. Just Like You.

Our book coaches, writers, and project managers work very closely with you to plan every stage, and produce a book you deeply desire.

Subject Matter Knowledge
Editorial Acumen
Client Experience

Explore Author Assist Services

A book is its author’s unique expression. If you have a story that needs to be told, we can lend you the right words. We can assist you along the path to getting it published and getting it noticed!

Plan and Write that Book!

Book coaching services, designed for authors seeking mentorship and support.

Let Us Write Your Book

Explore our ghostwriting services to find writers to help tell your story. 

Let Us Publish Your Book

Manuscript editing, copyediting and book design services to develop your manuscript into a book.

Lastly, Let’s Promote It

Publishing, distribution and marketing services to help your book get the attention it deserves.

The power to publish

You’ll receive personalized attention and expert advice at every stage of your writing journey. Our teams, skilled in marketing, design, and distribution can help your book reach all your readers.

Get your story out there

Write your story without writing the whole thing yourself. Your experiences are for the world to read. Publish with us and find your readers.

A Satisfied customer is the Best business strats

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